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Greetings sent to our school from the author of the

'Maths-No Problem' series,

Dr. Yeap Ban Har.

Don't worry Ban Har, we certainly do enjoy our maths!

A Message from Ban Har

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At Braeburn School we are always trying to improve our mental maths skills.


Over the course of the year your child will be given some homework relating to a mental maths target that they are working on at school.


It would be great if you could help your child practice their target at home by making sure that they complete their homework and bring it back to school.


I have listed the targets for each year group below, together with the dates that we will be working on them.


For parents of children in Years 1 and 2, your child’s class teacher can give you a list of all the facts that your child will be expected to learn if you would like.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting Mrs Barnard.

Year 2 Maths Stay and Learn session 28.4.17


Thanks to everyone who came to solve a ‘waffle-based’ problem in Year 2 last week!

The problem was related to fractions and not, as it turns out, about how to eat waffles! Each large waffle was split into quarters, four equal parts, and we worked out that ¾ had been eaten already with ¼ left.

Thanks also to the lovely comments you made…


“It was nice to see all the children taking part, having fun and learning.”

“It was nice to see and join in with my daughter’s learning.”

“I really enjoyed being able to come and do the maths activity with my child.”

“This was interesting to watch how the children learn and different ways the children do their work. Good to watch them work together.”

“I enjoyed coming with my daughter to see what kind of things she is learning about.”

“I was really impressed with how the children independently work out the problems. All the children appeared to really enjoy themselves.”

“I enjoyed helping and seeing my child interact in class. It gets all the children involved.”

“I spent a great morning with my child in class this morning. They all worked really well and listened well too. Well done Hummingbirds! Thank you for the yummy waffle too!”

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Year 6 Problem Solving - Tour de Yorkshire maths game 27.4.17


Year 6 had some important visitors last week, (thankyou to Mrs Blakesley and Mrs Pattison, who are part of the North Yorkshire CC Maths Advisory team.)

They brought along an extremely enjoyable and fast action maths game related to the Tour de Yorkshire. Scarborough of course, was chosen again to host the Stage 1 finish for this increasingly popular road race.

For those of you who were on the seafront or watched it on TV, ‘Ouch!’ comes to mind! No blood was shed during our activity and all bones remained intact despite the speed at which some teams completed their activities in the hall.

We are excited about playing a similar game in June.

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Using Ten Frames to count, add and subtract.

The children in Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2 have been busy using Ten Frames to help them with their maths.


The children in Reception have been given some ten frames and instructions to take home, so it would be great if you could talk to them about what they use them for. The children in Year 1 also have ten frames and double-sided counters in their home maths packs.


If you would like to ask anything about them or would like a quick lesson in their use, please pop in to school and ask for Mrs. Barnard.

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Maths - No Problem!


It was wonderful that so many of you were able to come and join us for a ‘Maths No Problem’ lesson in years 1 and 2.

We received some really positive comments about our maths work. Braeburn staff are very excited about teaching maths this way and the children certainly seem to enjoy solving their daily problems (they don’t always involve waffles and cake, but we always have fun!)

If you would like any ideas about how to help your child with maths at home, please ask their class teacher or come in and speak to Mrs Barnard.


‘We enjoyed the maths morning and would like more sessions like this.’


‘I think this way to do maths is very good.’


‘I really like to come to maths lessons and I enjoy taking part with my son. I am glad to see that the teachers give their full support to help the children become good at maths. I am happy to watch my son study at Braeburn.’


‘I think this is a great way to teach maths. I really enjoyed being involved with my child in class.’


‘The kids enjoyed having their parents here to see how they work.’


‘Thank you for the invite. It was a really enjoyable morning.’


‘I really enjoyed seeing my son do his maths and helping him. Thank you.’


‘We had a lovely time in class. My son enjoyed solving the problems and it was great to see how they get to use their books and equipment. Great morning.’


‘I had a really enjoyable morning working with my son. I liked seeing how he works within the classroom.’


‘Brilliant methods explained in depth to the children. A lot of time was spent explaining the methods to the children too.’


‘The kids enjoyed the lesson. It was a fun way to learn. Really enjoyed it.’


‘We had a great time watching our son learn.’


‘I enjoyed joining in with my child and coming to see what the class does.’


‘I really enjoyed spending time with my child in his maths lesson. I am so pleased with his progress.

‘Seems to be working really well.’


‘It was nice to see what the children do in the classroom, how maths is taught and the children enjoying it.’


Maths Morning

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Maths No Problem

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