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Letters received by School

Following a recent visit by our Year 6 pupils to the Art Gallery, we received a lovely e-mail message from a member of the public. It made us feel very proud  of the children here at Braeburn Primary & Nursery School.....


Did your school visit Scarborough Art Gallery on the morning of February 7th?

If so, I would like to compliment staff and pupils on giving us such a pleasant interlude in our day.


The children were lively, chatty, very interested in what they were doing and so very polite. The staff were superb…very alert to the needs of the pupils. There seemed to be an excellent relationship between staff and pupils …the children did as they were asked to do. The children chatted to us, quite unembarrassed, explaining how they were tackling the given task and sharing their ideas.


A totally unexpected delightful episode.


Please pass on our thanks


Beryl Back

Thank you card from the Mayor & Mayoress of Scarborough 2016